Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Seeing Stars...

I have been so busy the last few days. I had the most amazing time at the PPSV meeting. Unfortunately Mariea was sick so I was headed into the great unknown all alone! But little did I now it would turn out so well. I met two wonderful women, Deandra and Wendy. We even decided to get together for coffee and a little photog session sometime soon. (www.printcessphotography.com and wendehithephoto.com) I am super excited.

So, I decided to dress up. I wasn't sure if it was a jeans and t-shirt type deal. But, I figured it would be better to be over dressed (to impress!) rather than under dressed. I hate making a bad first impression! Jasmine had so many helpful things to talk about.I could go on and on about how much of an impact what she had to say had on me. I felt like I could do anything after I left that room. She is inspiring and it is nice to know of someone else who shares the same immense passion for photography AND people. She mostly spoke on marketing and branding yourself. She is a truly unique women with a wonderful heart. She was so kind and funny. She kept us all laughing. She was so well spoken. Not one word was fumbled or stumbled upon. She talked about the most interesting things, I wish the night had lasted several more hours...I would have loved to hear what else she had to say.

The next day I tried to log unto my computer and my modem was out! So for over 1 whole week I have been without the web! Wow! You never realize how much time you spend on the computer, or how much you can depend on it until it is gone! Thankfully I am back online again. After the rush of Thanksgiving (I am cooking my very 1st turkey at home!) I will be blogging on a regular basis again. I am just so busy I can't see straight! Meeting someone who I respect so much as a professional was surreal. It still is. I can't believe that is me in that picture next to J*. When times get rough during this adventure of starting my business I will remember meeting her. All it took was me putting myself out there. No one is going to come and get me I gotta do it myself it I want to be successful!

I think it is appropriate this week being thanksgiving and all to say this year I am thankful for passion. Not just behind the camera but for the passion of living the life I feel is met for me. For which without I wouldn't have a reason to be behind that lens in the 1st place. I am also thankful for those that understand where I am coming from and share my same thoughts. Moral support in this is huge and meeting J* well lets just say I was...SEEING STARS...

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