Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ready, Set, GO!

Alright! I am smiles from ear to ear. What a great day. I have a sense of hope. My goal doesn't feel so out of reach! After finding out that Jasmine Star ( was going to be at the PPSV meeting (professional photographers of Sacramento Valley) I didn't think much of it. I didn't even consider it. Well I did for about 2 seconds, and quickly diminished the thought not realizing that THIS is how is all begins.

Then my wedding photog, Mariea ( something about it via facebook. Excited that we both knew of J* I commented that I hope she had a great time! Never did I expect the motivation of the next 5 words. I signed back on later that day and she had written me back. "Jenna, you should totally go." I stared at my screen. Me? I wasn't anywhere near a "pro" and she was nice enough to put that out there. That's all it took. My motivation kicked in high gear.

I logged onto the ppsv website. After some confusion (I thought I had to be a member by the time the meeting was in order and its next week. I didn't think time was on my side. So I panicked. I found every possible email I to the ppsv that I thought might be beneficial in getting me into the meeting. After writing to a few random people I got a response back. I was told to just show up and that was it! I was in! No trouble at all! Wow! Was I really doing this? I will have nothing to talk about. Sometimes its okay. I am going to be the sponge in the room...soaking in all the knowledge of my fellow photogs...can I call them that YET? :) My desire to do this makes me feel like one of them. They might have the know how to talk all day but if its passion they want to know of for this art I could write them a book...

I feel like I am where I want to be going! To be in the same room with J* and gonna be surreal! Two photogs whose work intrigues me. The icing on the cake? Mariea told me to get there early to sit with her. For once in my life I want something bad enough to go out and get it on my own. My hard work and ENDLESS hours of research are paying off. It feels liberating! Here goes nothing! ready Set GO

This is a picture of my son. I love the inspiration I get from my children; there isn't anything like it.

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