Friday, November 27, 2009

blackin' out on black friday...

I am so beyond tired. I can barely see straight. In fact I am typing this very blog to stay awake! Not only did I successfully cook Thanksgiving Dinner for over 10 hours yesterday (ever bite made it so worth it) but I went shopping-for 9 hours-in the middle of the night. Crazy? Yeah I think so too! Well not really considering the money I saved. My friend and I ventured to Toys r Us at 10pm. They did not open their doors until 12. We waited...and waited some more. In the freezing cold. Then after making it out of there alive we headed to Walmart at 2am. Their sales started at 5am. Luckily we were able to hang around the store for the 3 hours of waiting vs. waiting in the freezing cold! We were able to get everything we went for...almost and what we didn't get was so minuscule that it won't be missed. I am so happy that I went. No matter how tired I am. My kids will have a great Christmas. The way I look at it in the long run? In 5 hours I basically "made" about $500. That is about what I saved! I try to look at situations with the glass half full...

My husband was getting ready for work when I finally stumbled in about 7:15am. Of course my little ones were already up (they like to wake up before the sun comes up.) I have not slept in almost 36 hours. I am so beat. My eyes won't stop watering! Either way I am thankful for the nice people shopping tonight. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Thank goodness because a girl had her BABY in Walmart at 3:30am. Brand new baby too. I guess it takes all kinds...I would never take my kids into the madness of black Friday. I don't think it's safe for me-let alone my precious kids!
This is a picture of me and Britt about 1 hour into the night waiting in line at toys r us. If we only knew just how long our night was gonna be.

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