Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On to Another Adventure in his life...

My little one has started a new adventure in his life. I am so proud of him! But yet at the same time it bittersweet. He is going to get more and more independent as the years go on. I am still in awe everyday by the things he says and does. I am so thankful to have such an amazing son. I was able to spend the morning with him in his classroom. They showed us around, told us what he would be doing and took us on a tour of the school. I couldn't help but feel sad when it was time to leave him there. Sure, it wasn't like he hadn't been in preschool before this, but this felt different. It is the start to his formal education- what matters- what goes on his record. I am so dedicated to his education that I look forward to our afternoons of homework, library books, school functions and helping out in his class. I love being a mother-his mother, he means the world to me. As I walked out of his classroom he has a smile on his face and while he wasn't one of the kids crying I realized not to be sad that he was willing to stay and let me go- but by the fact that I had taught him and prepared him enough for this moment. My baby is now a kindergartner.

He started school this morning
And he seemed so very small
As I waited there beside him
In the kindergarten yard.

As he took his place beside
The others in the class,
I realized how all too soon
Those first few years can pass.

Remembering, I saw him as
He first learned how to walk,
The words that we alone made out
When he began to talk.

This Little boy so much absorbed
In learning how to write,
It seems as though he must have grown
To boyhood overnight.

My eyes were blurred but hastily
I brushed the tears away,
Lest by some word or sign of mine
I mar his first, big day.

Oh, how I longed to stay with him
And keep him by his hand,
To lead him through the places
That I couldn't understand.

And something closely kin to fear
Was mingled with my pride,
I knew he would no longer be
A baby by my side.

But, he must have his chance to live,
To work his problems out
The privilege to grown and learn
What life is all about.

And I must share my little boy
With friends and work and play,
He's not a baby anymore-
He started school today.