Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I am finally feeling like I look pregnant! I am startng to really show now! 19 weeks and counting. I started feeling the babies kick me a few weeks ago. Even though I've had two other little ones in my tummy- its still has to be one of the most incredible feeling ever! To know there are 2 of them in there, at once...its such a new feeling. I just wonder who is kicking me:) 15-20 more weeks and they will be in my arms...

19 weeks

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tyler graduates from preschool!

My son has officially graduated from preschool. The ceremony was adorable- the food was yummy. I can't believe my little guy has already gone through his preschool years. I feel like he is growing up way to fast. Before I know it he will be graduating high school. They sang the cutest songs, they had been practicing them for over a month. His head teacher, Mrs. Elke was diagnosed with cancer and after over 20 years of working and owning the school she handed it over to one of the other teachers, Mrs. Dorothy. It was a very emotional speech. I feel for her greatly because having been there with grandma Cece, knowing her love for this kids, I knew what she was going through. I am very thankful my son got to experience the last year of her teaching career. She was an amazing teacher with a great heart and truly loved each and every child that walked through those classroom doors. I am so thankful I researched and found Rocklin Montessori. It ended up being voted the number one school in Rocklin this year and I definitely know why. I will miss helping out in his class, the other students and most of all the experience and smile it put on my sons face everyday when he went there.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Its a boy and a girl!!

I am so excited! I went to my ultrasound today to find out what the babies are going to be. I decided to have an ultrasound done for sex determination. I couldn't wait any longer to find out! I am a little over 16 weeks. I couldn't be happier with the turn out:) Another son AND another daughter. I love it! I can't wait to meet them, and its awesome Kyle will have a son and a daughter all at once:) And Ty and Kiley will have a little brother and a little sister! Now- to figure out names!!