Wednesday, November 11, 2009

apple pickin' good!

There is a place up highway 50 nestled in the woods that I would love to keep my little secret. Apple Hill is a special place to me. I am sure it is to many other people as well. Sure, the people of this area might be familiar with it. If you are in New York or North Dakota chances are you have no idea what I am talking about. But I will share this little piece of our precious planet with you. Imagine the feeling of family ties and togetherness. Picking apples can do just that! It is such a relaxing place. There are several different farms. Some have specialties. For instance Rainbow Orchards (#10) is known for the apple cider donuts. Denver Dan's Orchard down the way is known for "you pick 'em trees." It was important to me to bring some sort of a nature loving tradition into my children's' lives. I want them to be "green" and conscious of their environment. I want them to love the fresh outdoors and appreciate this earth. We are getting too close to the generation that is going to have to deal with the consequences of our careless actions. I want them to be the person you see that will take that extra second to pick up that piece of trash they see instead of walking over it. I guess apple hill brings me that much closer to them being "pure" and how we are ultimately suppose to be. I can't imagine that though...people actually taking the time to pick fruit-not from a WAXED infested pile in the grocery store that are last years refrigerated apples. MMMMM...those apples are so crisp and delicious makes my mouth water just thinking about the tart flavor of a pink lady apple...I think I am off to bake a to be exact :)

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