Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Come as you are without any pretense"

There comes a time in life when important decisions have to be made. For Jasmine and Mike this one of those times. They are ready to have their boys baptized as well as honor my husband and I with the privilege to become the god-parents to their 2 boys. If the unfortunate circumstance ever arises in which we need to take over because they no longer are here to fulfil their duties as parents we are honored to be selected to raise our nephews.
Jasmine has also given me another special honor. She has asked me to take pictures of the event. I feel like I am finally being validated. People are recognizing my passion and supporting it. It is refreshing to have someone to talk to about my adventures with photography. Jas and I have always been the 2 behind the camera at family gatherings but she knows what this means to me. As my sister-in-law and one of my best friends' she is among a small group of people I have chosen to share this journey with so early on. For her to ask means she likes my work and that is a major confidence boost! When we spoke earlier on the phone she commented on a few specific photos she liked in particular. She thinks I am on the right path. The support of a friend who really understands me is wonderful. She gets it. She knows why it has taken me this long to figure out who I am suppose to be as a professional. True friends like her don't happen often. Friends that you can trust for constructive criticism and appreciate them for it.
Thank you Jas and Mike for picking us to be the Godparents to your children. We will always be here for them, no matter what. and Thank you for always believing in me, even when I am in slow motion :)

The title to my post is the motto for New Church Berkeley, where the baptism will be held. what a beautiful place. I can't wait to capture the historic and religious aspects as well as the happy feel of the day. What a wonderful place to celebrate such a great commitment!

I took this picture because this is the necklace that has represented my connection to god. I have had it for sometime and wear it during important spiritual times. Not to sure why...just do. I will wear it to the baptism for sure. Now...what outfit should I wear? :)

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