Thursday, November 5, 2009

Go get 'em...

Just send it. Why is this so hard to do? Is it the fact that this one email might be the start to the change of the rest of my life? I know that sound extreme but its true. What does it mean for me? It means that I am asking a professional to take their time and help ME. Would she find it flattering or would she find that I am utterly unprepared and be insulted for the wasted time. My wedding photographer, Mariea Rummel ( has been a major inspiration to me. I decided to write to her and ask her for some tips. I have thought about this time and time again. I decided a few weeks ago that I would wait it out- get better at photography, get some equipment and then contact her for advice. But, for some reason I decided to write to her yesterday. My hands were literally shaking. I don't think it has to do with her, she is the nicest person, but I think it has to do with the fact that once I hit SEND my feelings on this are out there. She could tell me to keep my day job...she could say she doesn't have the time. I didn't know if I was ready for any type of criticism...but that was a risk I was willing to take. I wrote her and told her of my passion for photography. I asked if we might be able to chat over coffee about sometime and talk photography :) I was so nervous. I sat staring at the email wondering if I really had the will to hit that button.

CLICK. I sent late now...My feelings were literally in her hands...Then I got nervous. What was I thinking bothering her? She wasn't a teacher! She doesn't want to train a potential future fellow competitor (which I hope she would never see me as, I recommend her to everyone I know that is getting married!)uhhh!!! What had I done. I had done what I wanted for so long!! I am getting out there!!!! Yeah!!!

Am I ready for this for real? the answer is YES! but would she feel that through the 2 paragraph email I was anticipating sending to her? I had thought about that email from time to time. What would I say to someone to make them understand just how much their guidance could help me. Just a little bit of time. Could that be too much to ask? I would return the favor as a professional in the years to come and would be honored if someone found my work to be so inspiring that they wanted me to help them learn my favorite craft. I love to talk about photography. I am assuming that goes without saying for most photogs...I would buy her a venti coffee and listen to her talk all day if she wanted to...I just want to listen to whatever she has to say about the art of becoming better at what I love. Which avenues to take? Which directions to turn? Does she realize how serious I am about this and how badly I want this...Not that I expect her to hand me a "magic key" like I said in an earlier post- the faith and hope I have of not failing IS MY MAGIC KEY and this is my first step towards getting myself out there! I don't know why I am so nervous to contact a photographer...I just want her to feel justified and proud of the photog she could help me become.

I must have checked my email 5 times last night. I went to bed early so I didn't receive her email until this morning! She already wrote me back! She said anytime after the holidays calm down we could totally do coffee...and she also does personal training courses! She told me to keep on photographing EVERYTHING until then. Oh, don't worry, I will be :)
I am so happy. Not because she is willing to help (although that is wonderful) but I ma so happy that she was genuinely nice about it. I think she understands my passion. She didn't make me feel that it wasn't okay that i don't have equipment, in fact she offered to help with decisions when I am ready... I am so happy!!! I am one step closer to becoming a better photographer!!!

In closing I would like to share the last thing Mariea said in her email "go get 'em"
I plan to do just that! Thanks Mariea for giving me even more inspiration to pick up my camera and do what I love!

I am adding a picture with my post of course! This is Maleah. She is the cutest little 2 year old! I watched her for my friend the other day. I had so much fun running around the old church with Maleah and my son. I took these adorable pictures of her in some of the cutest beaded shoes. (Don't worry Jas I put them up safe!)

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