Saturday, October 10, 2009

Who took that picture?

So, I have decided to take the next step...I am starting a blog! Here it is, me, my family, my pictures, and my stories and while I can't promise the most amazing photography you have ever seen I am trying and one day hope to turn my hobby into something day...I enjoy my everyday with my children and as a way to always remember the times I started to take pictures. Now, I feel it is turning into a really fun hobby and I am enjoying making plans around where we can go to take pictures. One day I will have that pro camera :) Someone wrote me one my facebook and asked "who took that pic"... she later told me she thought a pro did it...what a great feeling and one day maybe I will be just that...a pro :) I know I know...from cosmetology to teaching to accounting to nursing to photography...but I am still on the long and winding road to becoming a nurse. But hopefully I can do what I love on the side...only time will tell. I can do anything I put my mind to- no matter what anyone says!

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