Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy to be home...

When we were looking for a house I was picky about the neighborhood we would live in. I wanted somewhere safe for the kids to play outside. I was mainly concerned with the area close to our house, and the schools. The house itself was secondary to all that. (even though I love our house!). Little did I know we would spend a lot of our time out and about around the neighborhood. We are within walking distance to the local library, train station, old church, pet store, parks, and the cutest Ma and Pa restaurant called the Grill. I really enjoy living in a small town. I like it in Rocklin because we have the brand new areas like the Fountains where Boudin's and Whole foods. Among other things are the Galleria Mall that makes me feel like I am not in the middle of nowhere. But, we still have that small town charm. I love the architecture and the landscaping here. I like how well maintained our town is. When we moved here I couldn't wait to get back to the bay area! But now, even though I love to go visit family there, I sure do love to come home-here to Rocklin. To me this IS home now. I feel safe here, my kids are safe. That is what the most important thing to me is- their safety and how they are raised. I think Rocklin is the perfect place to raise our family.

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