Thursday, October 29, 2009

Carving Pumpkins, making memories...

We had 9 pumpkins this year! 2 for each of us in our little family and one for good luck. Tyler, my son, just turned 3. He was very eager to help cut the "jack-o-latern" faces out of the pumpkins. A 3 year old with a sharp object?! Didn't sound too fun to me. Actually it sounded like a spell for disaster. It was late by the time we started so I put my daughter to bed. We had such a wonderful time carving our pumpkins. I helped Ty, he didn't like the "gross" mess (the guts and seeds) and I helped him trace and carve. What a great memory- we carved pumpkins and started a new family tradition ;) So exciting. I can't wait until next year. My daughter will be old enough to help!

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