Friday, September 9, 2011

Celebrating with the Fam

Being on bed rest is very hard. Way harder than I thought. I wanted to much to be able to have a big celebration for Kiley's birthday-but it just couldn't happen that way. Luckily, my aunt and great grandparents came down from Chico earlier today. We had a great visit. We went to the Spaghetti Factory to celebrate Kiley's birthday, and I have to admit it was very nice to get out of the house! I am taking it easy, don't get me wrong- but even the few hours we were out for lunch was such a breath of fresh air for me! I am glad we were able to make the outing about Kiley, from the bike they brought her, which she loves- to the workers at The Spaghetti Factory singing her happy birthday I think she had a great day! Thanks again for making the special trip down aunt Teresa, mum, and grandpa- we had a great visit!

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