Monday, September 5, 2011

Bed Rest and the Unknown

During my 28th week of pregnancy I expect to Be enjoying life-not worried about the potential of my babies being born and attached to tubes. But on 9.1.11 I was admitted to the hospital with that worry- my babies might come early. I was dilating, tested positive for the fetal fibernecton test, which shows they could come in the next 2 weeks. The took every precaution they could. I was given the betamethazone steroid shots to mature their lungs. I was put on a Magnesium IV to help develop their brains so they would have less change of brain bleeds. This is such a scary time. After being there for 4 days they have released me- sent me home with medications to stop contractions. I have been instructed to come back if I am having contractions or if "something feels different." The unknown has to be the scariest part in all of this. While we can not wait to meet Jackson and Lola- we don't want the first breaths they take to be from that of a machine. I want them to be able to come home with us. I can't imagine being discharged and leaving them there. I spoke to one of the NICU nurses about what to expect. Luckily Sutter Roseville, where I will deliver and was hospitalized has a NICU. So, they will not have to be transported if they do come early. She talked to me about the machines, the potential complications and the role Kyle and I can play in their lives while they are in the NICU. I can't say when I will deliver but I pray and hope for their sake it's not for another 6+ weeks. My ultrasound showed Lola weighs 2.5 pounds and Jackson weighs 2.9pounds. At this point, because of their fragile state I will be given a c-section if they do come in the next few weeks. Come on babies- keep growing.

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