Monday, November 29, 2010

Got snow

Strap in, carve, snow?:) You expect me to go down that??!! The hill felt huge...I had never been on a snowboard in my life. Heading up the lift I had no idea the amount of adrenaline I was about to experience...what a I sat at the top of the hill my only thought was the lift...I can take it back down...but no...I couldn't that wasn't allowed...So...there was only one way down the snowy mountain; which I was sure was going to be the plummet to my seemed so steep at the top of the hill. Getting down the hill wasn't the issue. It was getting down in one piece that I was concerned with. With much hesitation I stood up as best I could and the next thing I knew I was on my way down the hill...I was snowboarding:) I had help the first 4 or 5 runs and I still have a lonnnnggg way to go, obviously but I can say that I can snowboard, which is something I never expected:) Now, if I could just get off of the lift by myself I would be in good shape:)

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