Tuesday, May 4, 2010

War of the Roses

I can't decide. I really can't. The other day I went location scouting to check out future places to do photo shoots. Kids in tow, I wanted to make the day fun. Among the places we ended up was a beautiful rose garden in downtown. My son calls it the place with the beautiful flowers. I love that he appreciates the beauty of nature. I had fun taking some shots of the gorgeous roses. I really can't decided, now what color rose is my favorite. I never really cared for roses before. But now, after taking such up close shots (guess who got a new 60mm lens) and seeing the detail in their leaves, and the sweet smell they have...I think roses just might be my favorite flower now...but really I can't decide.
We had such a great day, the kids and I. I love that I have the freedom to take them with me for so much of what I am doing. We ended our day at the library and the ice cream parlor. I was given an opportunity the other day to travel with a company around the world photographing their equipment for them. I jumped at the thought, what a huge compliment. Besides that fact, to be given the opportunity to travel, all expenses paid, plus a salary to do what I love? Sounded wonderful. It still does. I really have a war going on in my head. I can't figure out what to do. One of the reasons I love being in the profession that I have chosen is the flexibility it gives me to be a stay at home mom. Traveling out of the country for weeks on end would be rather counter-productive, in my eyes. But, then I think, could this be my chance? MY BIG break, to help my husband support our family?
At the end of the day- I am a photographer capturing memories for people. Taking this job might derail my dreams of becoming the photographer I want to be for me...So...to stay true to my family and myself, I choose us, and within that my family will give me the strength to continue to be who I am destined to become!!!

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